Eating Disorder Group Therapy For Women

Sarah Nicholson, Licensed M.F.T.


I have been treating eating disorders and addictions, both in my private practice and in treatment centers for 12 years.  I use my own recovery experience, my clinical training and my intuition to guide my work. My groups can provide emotional safety, support, loving challenge and encouragement to take risks, as well as a place to practice using new tools.   

Sarah's Tools

Natural Remedy

Just like taking medicine when our body needs it, we also need tools to help us manage our emotions. It's easy to turn to food, exercise, drugs, alcohol, spending, television, computer gaming, social media browsing, or sex to avoid our difficulties, but recovery is all about practicing new ways of coping. See the tools page for some 90 second spoonfuls of therapy that are reminders of how to take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. 

Sister Power

Helping Hands Together

When we sisters get together to share our personal experiences something beautiful happens. Not only do our bodies produce a hormone called Oxytocin which feels really good, but we also collaborate to bring out the best in each other. Our group contacts have the power to transform us from shame in isolation to the joy of connection.   

For Help Maintaining Sobriety:


For Teens: