Let's Talk, Straight Up!

The Story So Far.


If it feels like it's too much sometimes, well guess what, you're totally right. It is. You're going through this dramatic shift from child to adult, juggling social pressures and school work. You're balancing fitting in with others and finding your own unique personality. You're being pulled in different directions, but trying not to fall off. If you're struggling to stay upright, at least know that you're not alone.


The power of a group of girls together can change the way you feel about yourself, lift your spirits and bring you big relief as you relate to each others problems with family, friends and school. Imagine finding a group of girls you can relax and be yourself with. Girls who just accept you, who are kind and help you to feel proud of yourself for just being you. What would that be like? If this is what you want, click on the Teen Sisters logo.  It's real and available. There are others just like you who long for a safe group of friends and they're waiting to hear from you. 

Body Talk.


Getting taller feels fine, but when your body starts changing shape without your permission it can feel pretty strange. Whether you like your body version 2.0 or not, it can feel uncomfortable and make you self-conscious. It doesn't help when your emotions change as fast as an Instachat post, making you feel crazy mad one minute and tearful the next. How do you find a sense of control? How can you accept or even like yourself?

Be Your Own BFF.


Treat yourself as you would a best friend. If your friend was having feelings you would listen, be kind and supportive. So when feelings come up, find a way to let them out. It feels good and releases tension from your body. You can journal, talk to someone you trust, draw, paint, color or scribble them out. You can scream into your pillow, cry, sing, play music or even throw ice-cubes in the yard. Try any of these and see what works best for you. Remember, 

"Feeling is Healing".

Embrace Yourself.


Like flowers, we vary in size, shape, and color. We all have our unique qualities. Media on your phone, on billboards, TV and in magazines tells you that you're not good enough and in need of improvement. Take back your power. Turn away from ads, shows or online spaces with negative messages about food and idealized body shapes. Criticize or make fun of them. You can decide to value yourself inside and out, no matter what the outside world is telling you. Don't compare yourself to others.

"To Compare is to Despair".

Body Kindness.


"Be Kind" to your body. Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues. Easier said than done, but you get better with practice and support. Know that many adults struggle with how to "eat right", but labeling food as good or bad sets you up to feel guilty and stop enjoying certain foods. Notice that all food has some nutritious value, even sugar, (it gives us energy).  Find a way to move your body regularly for fun and health, like; dancing, rollerblading, trampolining, skipping, swimming, running, etc.